The Kills – Barcelona

The Kills

My brother and I went to see The Kills play at Sala Apolo on Saturday night, at exactly the same time as FC Barcelona were ‘killing’ Real Madrid. We all know how the football match went, but not so many people are aware that Saturday’s gig by The Kills was an energetic, explosive and eventually awesome performance which matched at least one of Ronaldinho’s magical goals.

I took some photos of the gig, but to be fair, they’re all a little blurry. This is because we were stood right next to the stage and I didn’t want to use my flash too much. I’ve put the least bad pictures online in the gallery which you can access by clicking here

I’ll try and put a better review together when I’m not working, but the high points were certainly VV prowling around the stage like a tiger, Hotel ‘shooting’ VV with his shotgun-guitar, the pair of them singing “The Good Ones”, Hotel drinking from a glass of wine, VV taking some sort of… medication while onstage, and being so close to the speakers that I still cannot hear properly. We also met their crew after the gig – nice bunch of people, but we didn’t want to stay and make a nuisance of ourselves.

All in all, a wicked night well deserving 1 out of 1.

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