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Some of the stuff I’ve been reading/doing recently:

Article is all wrong” – the Vietnam War remains a controversial topic for some, as this Wikipedia discussion illustrates

Babylon Falling – 60s counterculture, 90s hiphop, underground press – one of the best Tumblr sites I’ve seen in ages

Diaspora – this is the new Facebook, so they say. It’s early days, and I have no friends on there, but it has potential

A Visit From The Goon Squad – Pulitzer prizewinner, entertaining novel by Jennifer Egan. It’s about punk and time

Iran And The Bomb – by Seymour Hersh. The real enemy is Saudi Arabia

Menorca apartment reviews – summer vacation beckons


It has been pointed out to me by several comrades that my blogging hasn’t been very frequent of late. This is mainly due to having lots of work on and several weekends with much to do.

As a shabby sort of attempt to rectify this, I’m committing myself to posting at least a few links each day, just to show my dear comrades that even if I haven’t the time to write my own posts, I have been reading yours. I’m calling this thing my ‘linksplash’ but I’m not sure about that. All suggestions for an alternative title will be considered. Hell, we might even have a poll.

Barcelona Notaries and where they live (link, via Kalebeul)

Aznar to save Spain? LD seem to think so (South of Watford)

Debate over Rimmington’s views that restricting civil liberties might be bad (Guardian)

Katie loves her veg box – I’ll start soon too (EspaƱa Profunda)

Follow the Pirate Bay trial on Sofia’s Twitter (Link)

Nick meets Gemma’s old boss at the Confraria dels Pescadors (Link)

Flower a “must buy” for PS3 (Link via 3Speech)

Max Dunbar misquotes Lenin (Link)