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Recent music

New-ish records I have been listening to recently:

The Howling Hex – You Can’t Beat Tomorrow
This is Neil Hagerty’s latest album and a sort-of follow up to All Night Fox. he kept the band name this time, but the music is completely different. He’s added some odd syncopated electronic percussion and more acoustic guitar than in All Night Fox. Certainly he seems to be going for a sound that resembles listening to a band from outside the Hall. Favourite tracks: Apache Energy Plan (this is a theme continuing on from earlier Neil Michael Hagerty albums, but I still don’t know what it means); You Can’t Beat Tomorrow; No Numbers.
1 out of 1 – Buy Here Download ‘Apache Energy plan’ from Drag City here.

The Fall – Fall Heads Roll
I really like this album. Mark E Smith sounds a bit more like Shaun Ryder than he used to, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that he’s managed to produce a tight, thumping album. Out of ‘new Fall’ records, this is one of the best. The big single: I Can hear The Grass Grow is pretty melodic, but then it’s a cover. Actually, the version I have on my Complete Peel Sessions is markedly better. Anyway, both of these albums are perfect listening for the fade to winter: they inject a little bit of summer into every listen. But just a tad.
1 out of 1 – Buy Here

The Kills – Barcelona

The Kills

My brother and I went to see The Kills play at Sala Apolo on Saturday night, at exactly the same time as FC Barcelona were ‘killing’ Real Madrid. We all know how the football match went, but not so many people are aware that Saturday’s gig by The Kills was an energetic, explosive and eventually awesome performance which matched at least one of Ronaldinho’s magical goals.

I took some photos of the gig, but to be fair, they’re all a little blurry. This is because we were stood right next to the stage and I didn’t want to use my flash too much. I’ve put the least bad pictures online in the gallery which you can access by clicking here

I’ll try and put a better review together when I’m not working, but the high points were certainly VV prowling around the stage like a tiger, Hotel ‘shooting’ VV with his shotgun-guitar, the pair of them singing “The Good Ones”, Hotel drinking from a glass of wine, VV taking some sort of… medication while onstage, and being so close to the speakers that I still cannot hear properly. We also met their crew after the gig – nice bunch of people, but we didn’t want to stay and make a nuisance of ourselves.

All in all, a wicked night well deserving 1 out of 1.

Headphobe – new album!

Headphobe (aka my brother) has just unleashed his first album on the world of music. Metanoia is a combination of a lot of mental music like gabba, breakcore and more! The press release:

Headphobe (aka Ned Clarke) has been rinsing the underground scene at clubnights, parties, and raves here in Bristol and across the southwest for the past 3 years.

Headphobe has headlined nights at The Thekla and The Black Swan, his music has had people dancing in a frenzied state for hours and hours to his unique dancefloor sounds at all the best local underground clubnights including… Epoch, Kuantum_Window, Plummet, Toxic Dancehall, Dissident, DMT, Monkey!Knife!Fight!, P.R.A.N.K., Kuntz… supporting many highly respected producers including… Venetian Snares, Hellfish, Crystal Distortion, Chris Clarke, D’Kat, Hammer Damage, Black Sun Empire.
This week Headphobe is performing at Plummet in support of Mu-Ziq.

Headphobe will be performing around the UK in the coming year to promote his debut 12″ vinyl ‘Metanoia’, while he works towards his follow up release in 2006.

Headphobe will also be contributing some new tracks to the upcoming 1 MAN ARMY RECORDS 2xCD Compilation.

‘Metanoia’ is the debut Headphobe release and pulls together the raw atmosphere and the excitable energy of Headphobe’s live set onto record for the first time.

Go to 1 Man Army and buy it now, suckers.

The site does now support e-sales!