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Cuban posters

We’ve been looking to buy some classic Soviet era posters to adorn our sitting room, and set a pleasantly heroic and socialist theme (well, I can’t do that, so a poster will have to).

Though not Russian, this Cuban poster in support of Palestine has something very fetching about it: a variation on the classic socialist hero theme, replacing the peasant Red Army soldier with the Palestinian freedom fighter.


I have stolen this image without permission from Liberation Graphics, but I only stole it to stop people from using their bandwidth if they link to/view this image. You could say that I have liberated it.

An absence of reporting does not represent an absence of news

We’ve been really busy recently, and I haven’t really had the time to post any news or rants to the site in a week or so.

I’ve a new job, starting in a week and a half, writing reviews of mobile software and other IT news stories. Enter the Geek! (just kidding, in case my new bosses read this).

Adam and Raquel have moved into Cerdanyola, helping to establish the fledgling English enclave here.

Spring has sprung into summer, as temperatures soared to over 32 degrees!
And here are some pictures to prove it:

Max Carlish in Pete in Kate on Channel 4

Stalking Pete Doherty, Channel 4’s 10 pm documentary last night was one of the oddest and most disturbing TV shows I’ve ever seen.Opinion on Popbitch and the C4 messageboard is surprisingly fairly united: Carlish is obviously seriously ill, and even ‘junkie scum’, grubby handed Kate Moss marrying rock singer Pete Doherty deserves some sympathy for the relentless pursual and harrassment he suffered at the lens of Carlish.

The film was essentially a documentary about the failed documentary that media studies teacher Carlish wanted to make about the Libertines’ ex-singer. It focused more on Carlish and his own increasingly disturbing quest to “have [his] moment of fame” than it did on the heavy drug use and erratic behaviour of Doherty. I was pretty shcoked to see footage of Carlish filming himself (this was actually about 50% of the film), shouting his love for Pete – over and over again, having a tantrum when he wasn’t allowed backstage with some students he’d brought along, crying and sobbing, dancing in his bedroom at his mum’s house to Electric Dreams, asking Pete how it felt to be “more loved than Kurt Cobain” – a highly questionable claim… the man is relentless after the sense of car-crash TV humour died off (about two minutes in), the uneasiness crept in.

I have to say that in retrospect, Carlish obviously needs care and attention, and that in some ways the film should not have been broadcast. Hearing him scream “I know Pete a million times better than you!” at one of Doherty’s friends, or doing his “Max – on Pete – in Kate; Max inside Kate – on top of Pete” bit wasn’t funny, it was pretty embarrassing and made me feel like I was at a freakshow, and should have known better.

Update: Comments closed on this post. While amusing, they were clearly off topic. Feel free to contact me if you feel you’ve got something relevant to add to this. Cheers.