The Fall – Victoria

A great song to start your weekend to: Victoria performed by The Fall. One of the great cover versions, in my opinion.

3 thoughts on “The Fall – Victoria

  1. Tis a nice cover, though I think the original is the Kinks’s finest moment – which is saying something. Have you been watching Soft Focus UK?

  2. I saw The Fall last year at Primavera Sound Festival and it was a great gig, even tough they didn’t play the 80’s songs that I know better, like ‘Oh Brother’ or ‘Cruiser’s Creek’. Mark E.Smith was supposed to be playing at this year’s Primavera Club festival in his side project with Mouse on Mars, but he cancelled at the last minute because of “Exhaustion”, a term that, related to Mark E.Smith, sounds like a clear euphemism 🙂

  3. Yeah I saw them at Primavera Sound too. They played a lot of Fall heads Roll which is a great album. Didn’t they also play Theme From Sparta F.C.?

    Chris – I’ve been watching a bit of soft Focus UK. It had an effusive write up in the Guardian. Ian Svenonius is brilliant.

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