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Max Carlish’s story changes

The man at the centre of Pete Doherty’s arrest in January has put forward his version of events in today’s Guardian. Max Carlish, the down-on-his-luck documentary film maker admits that he sold photographs of Pete Doherty taking drugs to a national newspaper without the singer’s agreement.

In a slightly bizarre article, Carlish portrays himself as a sort of bumbling but lovable fool, enamoured with the image of the self-destructive rock star flying to close to the flame. His tone is most telling – it smacks of the sort of innocent, self-righteous bollocks we have come to expect from people who start a fight and then pretend they don’t know why the other guy is so upset.

Max Carlish is a man who has found that his main skill is a curious form of self loathing and self deprecation, as can be seen not only in today’s article but in work dating back five years or more. I find it hard to trust the word of a man who simultaneously asks us to trust his version of events and tells us he’s a bit sad. The victim role he plays is unconvincing, and the story lacks some key details, including Carlish’s arrest on drug offences shortly after he sold the photos of the man he professes to love.

Probably, Doherty will be found guilty in the forthcoming criminal case, because it does look as if he has broken the law. But to be fair to him, Max Carlish does sound as if he deserved it: what kind of man would do something like that and expect nothing to come of it?

See also, Max Carlish in Pete in Kate on Channel 4. (the comments are fascinating!)