Summercase Day One: has fun ever been so corporate?

Bands we saw yesterday, scores using my not-patented binary scoring system.

We Are Scientists – 0

Edwyn Collins – 1 – a very enjoyable show

Ian Brown – 1

Grinderman – 0 – sorry, but the Bad Seeds are way better.

Blondie – 0 – Basically Blondie-On-Ice, this Disneyfied production was so sickly sweet that all of the local audience enjoyed it. Bad sign.

Cornelius – 1 – by far the most enjoyable concert of the evening.

Primal Scream – 0 –  we didn’t stay for the full gig. Heard the Motorstorm song, though.


Summercase is the worst example I’ve ever seen of corporate pop festival management. The multiple sponsor tie-ins lack any nuance of subtlety and induce a sort of nausea on first contact.

Speaking of which, the ‘facilities’ are completely awful. The only food to purchase is Telepizza, beer: San Miguel (I mean, sius plau!), loos with doors that don’t lock, staff who don’t speak Catalan or English… in 11 years of attending pop festivals, Summercase is by far the worst.

5 thoughts on “Summercase Day One: has fun ever been so corporate?

  1. I had some folks on a walk the other day who were determined to stand for hours in the sun and buy crap drinks off vendors with a view to finally getting into the Miró museum. The question is the same: why the hell bother when the culture is on the internet and the beer is in the fridge?

  2. I went to Benicassim myself, i’ve been publishing reviews of it in my blog, in spanish. My Bloody Valentine and Leonard Cohen have entered the top 10 gigs of all my life.

  3. I warned you about Summercase! Never been there but heard about how they do things…

    Just take beer as an example:

    Summercase: 3€ for a little glass (and you said San Miguel???).

    Primavera Sound: 4€ for half a liter (Estrella, of course).

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