Some Saturday Blues For Youse

I’ve been listening to a fair bit of Leadbelly and some other blues root stuff recently. I love rock and roll music and, given that much of it is simply reworked from the delta classics, I love this stuff too. Midnight Special in particular seems startlingly ahead of its time.


Rock Island Line contains some striking rhythmic devices, as well as including many themes later found in rock and roll.


For guitar, I’m learning that Mississippi John Hurt is basically all you need to hear


From a different genre, Rebirth Jazz Band of New Orleans provide the music that opens the TV show Treme’s first episode. I Feel Like Funkin’ It Up should get anyone dancing


4 thoughts on “Some Saturday Blues For Youse

  1. Funny this, I’ve been listening to a fair bit of delta blues myself recently, try Champion Jack Dupree – Blues from the gutter. Some classics on there, Junker blues.

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