Quiet here, recently

Yes, it has been sunny. I’ve been studiously ignoring the news here too. The only thing really worrying me is the current water crisis, which has us on a hosepipe ban already, even though we’re at the beginning of April.

Our great friends Mary and Ben came to visit, which gave us the opportunity to visit the Castell de Remei winery in Lleida province. It has a pretty good restaurant and my wild boar cooked in the local wine was absolutely delicious. We also picked up a few bottles of ‘Gotim Bru’ (about €6) as well as the delicious ‘1780’.

The next day, we took a stroll in the Collserolla park, which is just a ten minute walk from our front door. Not as wild as the Prepirineu but pleasant all the same.

We’ve also been lucky enough to really start enjoying our terrace, which at this time of year becomes an additional kitchen, dining room and salon, and gives us a bit more room to stretch out (the interior of the flat is only 50m2).

More photos at Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Quiet here, recently

  1. Thanks. Yeah I like even the lower-priced Gotim Bru, which is pretty good for a €6-7 bottle.

    My favourite at under €10 is still Scala Dei. Have you covered that one? I plan a trip to their place this summer.

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