L’Orchestre Antillais and Biguine

Various Artists – Vintage Caribbean Music

L’Orchestra Antillais – Serpent Maigre

[Both links require Spotify. feel free to comment with a better way of sharing music, as I’ll be doing that a bit from now on]

I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz recently. Particularly pre-1950s. And as part of this, I’ve stumbled upon biguine, a type of jazz that originated in Martinique. It influenced Now Orleans jazz and sounds somewhat similar though with a lot more eerie fiddle. Listen to Serpent Maigre (link above) and look for Quand Meme on the VA album too. Great stuff.

2 thoughts on “L’Orchestre Antillais and Biguine

    1. Indeed.

      It was obviously pretty huge in Martinique and then seems to have made it (not very far) to help New Orleans out.

      I know that a lot of later jazz classics are closely linked with France (Coltrane, Davis et al all did seminal albums there) but I never knew there was French involvement so early on. Of course, it makes sense because New Orleans has such important French heritage…. Still, listening to this I feel like I found a big piece of the puzzle of my understanding of jazz.

      It’s also very danceable.

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