Well, we survived the festival… but I’m glad I had the extra couple of days’ break at the end of it. I think I’m still recovering now.

Highlights of the concerts were: Nick Cave, Basement Jaxx, The Kills and Peaches. I didn’t see LCD Soundsystem… which I now regret.

I spent an obscene amount of money, drank too much Heineken, and didn’t get enough sleep. (Well you try sleeping at 7am when the mercury’s rising and the soundsystems just don’t stop).

All in all, the festival was a huge success, and we would certainly like to go again. We’ll have to see what the lineup’s like, but why not next year?!

2 thoughts on “FIB

  1. Yo

    I do agree. I spent to much and drank everything i seem to have developed this strange aversion to heineken since it came in 1 litre cups and it was the only avalible beer

    I saw Oasis for the fist time never listened to thier music before but found it was a great performance.

    I do think the old brits let themselves down by barging to the front when they were on and fighting for a tamberine (very sad).

    Kisher Chiefs were the best perfomers and should have been on the main stage but Basment Jaxx’s stole the doves thunder (if they had any)with the most enerjetic performance of the weekend.

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