Are Radiohead the least dangerous band on the planet?

Far from pushing music forward, they have helped lead indie bands into a cul-de-sac of turgid conservatism, a hybrid of self-absorbed shoegaze and postrock with nothing to say and nowhere to go. That Primavera Sound picked them as headliners in 2016 should tell you everything you need to know about how the world of major label ‘indie rock’ has collapsed into self-regarding fatuousness. Of the 200-odd acts performing at the festival, only about 20 have anything interesting to say about the future of pop music.

Radiohead are basically the same as Coldplay but for people with slightly different haircuts. They’re U2 for people who think they have a conscience (but still pony-up nearly €200 to go to a music festival sponsored by H&M, Adidas, Ray-Bans and Firestone tires). Radiohead are Status Quo. And so are LCD Soundsystem.

5 thoughts on “Are Radiohead the least dangerous band on the planet?

  1. When they were on stage at this year’s festival, were you pointedly watching another act on another stage? Something more obscure playing on the grumpy troll stage perhaps? I bet you were.

    Seriously though, I enjoyed this post.

    1. Actually, the fans were apparently quite disappointed with the concert this year. It was very quiet, apparently.

      We were watching Dinosaur Jr.

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